Tekota Fishing Reel 800

Tekota Fishing Reel 800

    Price: $209.99

    Code: 69000000007

    Weight: 3.00 pounds

    Tekota Reel 800 Features

    • Diecast Aluminum Frame
    • Stamped Aluminum Right Sideplate
    • Aluminum Braced Graphite Non-Handle Side Plate
    • Aluminum Spool
    • Rod Clamp
    • Manual Clutch (excluding 500LC and 600LC which are Auto-Return)
    • A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings) are specially treated stainless steel ball bearings that are at least 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel ball bearings.
    • Super Stopper is a one-way roller bearing that eliminates backplay for solid hooksets.
    • Assist Stopper is a back-up anti-reverse system that reduces the stress placed on the one-way roller bearing to increase durability.
    • Dartainium Drag material provides a wide range of drag settings and the smoothest Shimano drag performance ever.
    • Oversized Cast Control Knob comfortable and easy to use.
    • Clicker increases the tension on freespool and activates a clicking alarm when a fish bites.
    • Septon this handle grip material is soft to the touch and does not get slippery when wet.
    • Oversized Clicker Button easy to turn on and off.
    • Counter Balanced Handle (excluding models 700 and 800) By placing a weight on the opposite side of the handle shank from the grip, wobble during the retrieve is eliminated.
    • Adjustable Handle Shank (only models 700 and 800) allows the angler to use the handle in the short position for fast retrieves, or the extended position for more cranking power.
    • Optional Double Paddle Handle allows the angler to purchase, as an accesory, a double paddle handle for certain applications (Available on 500, 500LC, 600 and 600LC only).
    • Non-Disengaging Levelwind System Allows the levelwind to track back and forth during the cast which reduces drastic line angles that cause unwanted friction and backlashes on wide-spool reels.
    • Palmable Linecounter with Maintenance Port (only 500LC and 600LC) allows for comfortable palming of the reel, easy maintenance of the counter mechanism, and easy, one-handed resets.
    • Crossbar Forward Design allows more access to the spool for better line control and provides more comfort when palming the reel.
    • Metal Series Metal frames keep moving parts in precise alignment for increased efficiency and durability.
    ModelLine Retrieve Per Crank (in.)Line Capacity (# Test/Yards)Power Pro Line Capacity (# Test/Yards)Max Drag (lbs.)Ball BearingsGear RatioWeight (oz)
    TEK3002512/275,14/220,16/18530/255,40/210,50/205123 BB/1 RB4.2:113.3
    TEK300LC2512/275,14/220,16/18530/255,40/210,50/205123 BB/1 RB4.2:114.3
    TEK5002512/440,14/340,16/28540/390,50/385,65/365183 BB/1 RB4.2:115.3
    TEK500LC2512/440,14/340,16/28540/390,50/385,65/365183 BB/1 RB4.2:115.3
    TEK6002516/390,20/300,25/24040/515,50/510,65/325183 BB/1 RB4.2:116.0
    TEK600LC2516/390,20/300,25/24040/515,50/510,65/325183 BB/1 RB4.2:116.0
    TEK7003325/410,30/350,40/29050/735,65/570,80/430243 BB/1 RB4.2:128.8
    TEK8003325/530,30/450,40/37050/820,65/780,80/640243 BB/1 RB4.2:129.8
    TEK700LC3325/410,30/350,40/29050/735,65/570,80/430243 BB/1 RB4.2:130
    TEK800LC3325/530,30/450,40/37050/820,65/780,80/640243 BB/1 RB4.2:131